Chola Palace

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Delicious authentic East Indian cuisine!!! Yummy !  

About Chola Palace

If you live in the North Bay area and you are looking for an authentic homemade East Indian meal, Chola Palace is the place to call. All of the items on the menu can be prepared either with no spice or spicy for the more adventurous…and we deliver the food straight to your door!

Are you curious about how we chose our name Chola Palace? The Chola Dynasty was an ancient dynasty of southern India. Tamil was their ruling language which is one of the seven classical languages in the world. Together with the Chera and Pandya dynasties, the Cholas formed the three main dynasties of Iron Age India, who were collectively known as the Three Crowned Kings. The Chola Dynasty, the most powerful of the three dynasties, ruled primarily in southern India until the thirteenth century. Between 980, and c. 1150, the Chola Empire embraced the entire south Indian peninsula, extending east to west from coast to coast including the current countries Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore. The Cholas left behind a lasting legacy. Their patronage of Tamil literature and their zeal in building temples have resulted in some great works of Tamil literature and architecture. The Chola kings avidly built temples, envisioned them in their kingdoms not only as places of worship but also as centres of economic activity. They pioneered a centralized form of government and established a disciplined bureaucracy.